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Natural Mineral Water - purest water found in nature  


The amount of calcium found in 885 natural mineral water ensures a mild and balanced taste. 885 minerals present to taste contain water easy to use in unlimited quantities. Natural mineral water 885 has a reduced sodium content that allows it to be used in diets with reduced sodium intake.

The natural mineral water bottle is distinguished by its shape and specially incorporated diamond elements. The base of the bottle is designed so that it is stable when placed on the surface, and the closure at the neck of the bottle makes it easy to move the bottle. The design of the bottle is made in such a way that it is easier for you to take it in your hands, move it and use it.

Mineral composition found in the 885 were formed during the natural filtration process through the layers of natural rocks, 885 has a low mineral content and an optimal pH level of 7.4. The calcium composition helps to improve the health of bones, teeth, hair and facial skin. Potassium ensures normal functioning of the muscles and nervous system. Magnesium regulates blood pressure and improves cardiovascular function.

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