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Our mission is to deliver high- quality, regular- use mineral water while leaving nature as untouched as possible. The most modern natural mineral water production plant started working in 2021 in Aloja parish. Energy efficiency, more sustainable packaging and minimal interference with natural processes is what you get when you choose 885 for your everyday life.

In order to reduce the impact on nature, the production plant uses a recuperation device, which ensures that the heat from the production equipment is reused both in winter and in summer. At every stage of production, we have thought about sustainability also in the production of packaging. The packaging made from recycled LDPE and bottles are made from 25% rPET recycled plastic. With the introduction of the deposit system, the impact of PET bottles on the sustainability of nature has been significantly reduced, and we have the opportunity to enjoy a unique wealth of nature as it has been preserved in the depths for thousands of years - pure and primordial.

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