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Dabīgais minerālūdens iegūts  no 885 pēdu ( 270 m) dziļurbuma

Geological structure of 885 borehole

The location of the natural mineral water 885 deposit is an 885-foot (270 m) deep borehole located in the Metsopole Plain of the Central Latvian Lowland and near the contact zone of the Burtnieka Plain of the Northern Vidzeme Lowland. The natural mineral water obtained from the 885 deposit, which over time  seeped through layers of sandstone, clay and dolomite,

The upper part of the geological section consists of Arukila and Burtnieku suites, as well as Quaternary formations, Narva, Middle Devonian Pärnava, as well as sedimentary rocks of the Lower Devonian Ķemeri suite; 


The Burtnieku Suite, which is represented by sandstones and clays with interbeds of sandstone and siltstone, intrudes from about 39.5 m.

Sedimentary rocks of the Arukila suite – sandstones, clays and siltstones. The surface of the suite is located at a depth of about 76 m. 

The Narva suite - approximately 121 meters thick, the sedimentary section is dominated by a layered complex of dolomite marl with interlayers of clay. The Pärnu suite is the main groundwater aquifer and consists of gray, gray-brown sandstone. Sandstones are mainly medium grained, medium cemented. In the borehole, the surface of the suite is exposed at a depth of 247 meters. 

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